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Elizabeth II
Queen of England

     I am a descendant of the family Plantagenet as is Queen Elizabeth. Our common ancestors are Geoffrey Plantagenet of  Anjou and his wife Matilda. I came through their son William, Count of Anjou or Poitou. The queen came through Williams brother, King Henry II.

     This quote comes from Her Majesty's own website under (The Angevins).
     "Henry II, the son of Geoffrey Plantagenet and Henry I's daughter Matilda, was the first in a long line of 14 Plantagenet kings, stretching from Henry II's accession through to Richard III's death in 1485. Within that line, however, four distinct Royal Houses can be identified: Angevin, Plantagenet, Lancaster and York".

     Matilda was the daughter of Henry I and Matilda of Scotland. Henry I was brother of William II, and son of William I (William the conqueror).

     Anjou is in west central France where the family Plantagenet was from.

My lineage from me going back to William son of Geoffrey. There are many paths, this is only one of them.
This includes spouses if known. To make things easier, the direct bloodline is in blue.

Myself, James Ingersoll and Victoria Wood
Howard Ingersoll and Wilma Hutchinson
Frank Ingersoll and Eunice Casler
Barney Ingersoll and Alice Allen
Panthus Ingersoll and Anna Stevens
Thomas Ingersoll and Hannah Joiner
Robert Joiner and Lucy Loomis
John Loomis and Ann Eno
Daniel Loomis and Mary Ellsworth
Josiah Ellsworth and Elizabeth Holcombe
Thomas Holcombe and Elizabeth Ferguson
Gilbert Holcombe and Ann Courtenay
Thomas Holcombe and Margaret Trethurfe
Ellis Holcombe and Elizabeth Sydenham
Charles Holcombe and Jane (unknown)
Roger Holcombe and Margaret Avenal
John Holcombe and Joan Faleroy
John Holcombe and Isabel Down
Hugh Down and Isabel De La Bruer
William De La Bruer and (unknown)
Geoffrey Plantagenet and Matilda ( daughter of King Henry I )

Note: The name Plantagenet came about because he was in the habit of
          wearing a sprig in his hat.