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Royal Ingersoll

Three of them
All of them U.S. Navy

Descendents of John of Westfield, MA

Royal Rodney Ingersoll
Royal Eason Ingersoll
Royal Rodney Ingersoll

The first:

Royal Rodney Ingersoll
Born in Niles, Michigan
December 4, 1847
Graduated from the Naval Academy In 1868
Served in the Civil War, Spanish-American War, and World War I
Died April 21, 1931

     In addition to graduating from the Naval Academy in 1868, world-wide service on numerous US Navy vessels, and at     the Naval Observatory, Commander Royal Rodney Ingersoll was assigned to the Naval Academy from 1876-79, 1883-87, 1890-93, and 1898-1900.


The second:

Royal Eason Ingersoll
Born in Washington, D.C.
June 20, 1883
Graduated from the Naval Academy in 1905
Became an Admiral
Died May 20, 1976

The third:

Royal Rodney Ingersoll II. Grandson of the first Royal.
Born at Manila, P.I.
December 17, 1913
Graduated from the Naval Academy in 1934.
As lieutenant, he served on the USS Hornet during the 2nd world war.
He was killed during the battle of Midway, June 4, 1942.