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Thomas Ingersoll

Founder of the city of Ingersoll, Ontario, Canada

1. John Ingersoll
    + Mary Hunt
        2. Thomas Ingersoll March 28, 1668
            + Sarah Ashley  September 19, 1673
               3. Thomas Ingersoll  November 27, 1692
                   + Sarah Dewey  March 17, 1694/95
                      4. Jonathan Ingersoll  January 24, 1713/14
                          + Eunice Moseley  MAR 1719/20
                             5. Thomas Ingersoll  March 24, 1749
                                 + Elizabeth Dewey  April 26, 1762
                                    6. Laura Ingersoll  September 13, 1775
                                        + James Secord  July 07, 1773

Thomas was:
Born: 1749
Place: Westfield, MA
Died: 1812
Place: Canada

He was my 2nd cousin 5 times removed.

He was the great great grandson of John Ingersoll of Westfield, MA and Mary Hunt.
Also the father of Laura Ingersoll Secord, the famous Canadian heroine of the war of 1812.

He married Elizabeth Dewey 28, Feb 1775, daughter of Israel Dewey and Lydia Moseley. She died abt 1783. He married Sarah Whiting aft 1783. She was born abt 1755.

Thomas Ingersoll (1749-1812), was lieutenant, 1779, in Col. Miles Powell's regiment, commanded a company in Col. Ashley's 1st regiment of Berkshire County, Massachusetts militia.
Later he was a major in the US Army.

Thomas moved his family to Ontario,Canada for land grants.
In 1793, he obtained a land grant of 66,000 acres in Oxford County from Governor John Graves Simcoe.

He had to maintain a certain number of settlers in the area to keep the granted land.
In time he founded the town which is the present day City of Ingersoll.

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