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Web Design Url’s

These are some good url's to get help and materials to build a web site with.

Tools and Help

Web Designer's Paradise

Free HTML Editors! 
Jonna's Artrek - Web Page Design - Web site design tools 
Welcome to WebDev Central 

PC Magazine Online 
Excite Search Results 
All of the included editors are freeware. That means they are yours to use and keep for as long as you like.
SiteAid 1.3 (Download Site) A great editor. Has a very user friendly interface with tags seperated into tabs on the toolbar. Also includes helpful wizards which save you time. Includes features of editors costing hundreds of dollars, but for free!
Arachnophilia 3.4 (Download Site) Excellent text editor which has it's own FTP client and also allows you to edit Javascript, C++, and Perl programs.
HTML Builder 2.0 (Download Site) A good text editor with an MS Word style interface. Supports Netscape and Internet Explorer extensions and drag and drop editing.
AOLPress2.0 (Download Site) A WYSIWYG and text editor developed by AOL. Allows the saving of pages directly to the server. Perfect for the beginner or professional.
BBEdit Lite 4.1 (Download Site) An excellent barebone text editor. Unfortunately this software can only be used with the Macintosh.

Free Web Page Space

The Globe
This site gives 12 MB of free space and has many web building tools. Also has other services such as e-mail. The other services will carry the same name as the one you pick for your website, so choose one that you can live with.

Tripod, Tripod's build page.

Virtual Freestuff

DenCity, 25 Megabytes of disk space, full functional bulletin-board and access to comprehensive daily statistics

Warner Bros. AcmeCity Homepage 20 Megs of Free Space. Plus... an exclusive library of Warner movies, cartoon, television shows and recording artist pictures available for homebuilders to use.
Amazon City A digital city for women on the net! With free home pages for women, chat, resources and more! Anyone can become a resident of Amazon City, regardless of gender.

123 Go Global Free pages for commercial webmasters (up to 1mb).
Achievement International Here at Achievement International we believe in the gift of sharing and with that in mind we are delighted to make available free home pages to people and organizations who, we feel, would benefit from such a service. (under 200kb)
Angelfire Communications Now get 5 megs Free!
AtecSecure Web Hosting Your personal homepage includes 10Mb free space.. plus an easy to use Web Page Builder, a Chat-room for your site and your own AtecSecure e-mail and more!
Free Web Page for Your Baby! Order an Online Birth Announcement for YOUR new baby and it's FREE! Just fill out the online order form and you're on your way to having your baby's very first web page!!!
Baltic Internet Plaza (BIP) Free Homepages for Organizations & Schools. Includes up to 3 Megs of Web Space.
Bran Promotions' Free Web Pages (UK) Up to 100 kb free for personal use.
Bright Free Homepage Maker If you have been wanting to make a homepage, but don't know HTML, then Leon's Pagemaker will help you create your page at no charge.
CyberSoup Home Pages and Theme Park Space - 2 pages for your personal Web Site.
Cybertown Free Homepages Up to 200kb for personal and commerical sites.
Free Delphi Homepage To create a Delphi Personal HomePage, you need to be registered as a Delphi Member, which is FREE.
DenCity 25 Megabytes of disk space, full functional bulletin-board and access to comprehensive daily statistics
Digiweb Free Homepages 10 Mbytes of Disk Space, Unlimited Traffic, Online HTML Editor and Remote File Uploads
Express Page With the Express Page homepage processor, all users of the World Wide Web can quickly and easily make their own professional-looking homepages. There is no limit to the number of pages you can create.
Europe-at-Home FREE webspace for private homepages of Europeans
FortuneCity FortuneCity is a rapidly expanding community of Internet Users. Now offering 20 megs of web space absolutely free.
Fortunecity - UK We offer the following facilities: 20mb free web space, chat and message boards, free technical support Online editing facilities plus 18 different themed districts and much much more! Offers 5 megs of web space for personal or business web sites. Also doesn't put pop-up ads on your site.
FreeNation Services include 5 megabytes of free webspace, cgi services, ssi (server side includes), counters, guestbooks, random mime generators and many other features.
FreeTown 3 MegaBytes of space and the ability to upload HTML, jpg and gif images.
Freewwwpage Use Freewwwpage.Com to build your very own web page for free. Choose one of the community topic areas to find one that suits your page.
GeoCities GeoCities provides free Personal Home Pages in one of the twenty-four themed communities to anyone with access to the Web. GeoCities provides up to 11 megs of space, and an email address. You can also use their counter, FTP your files and more.
Get1Now Free 5-page Web Site FREE Lifetime E-mail Address, Web Page Counters, Online CHAT Rooms, E-mail Order Forms and much more!! Commercial Or Personal.
HotBot Homepages The easiest, most flexible homepage creation tools on the Web. You make it and HotBot will host it. Allows up to 5 MB of disk space
HowdyNeighbor - Free Personal Web Page Are you looking for that perfect place on the Web to call Home? Look no further than HowdyNeighbor.Com. We have a vacant lot waiting for you.
Inc. Online Commerical Homepages Create your own Web Site, and let others know about you and your company, at no cost. Your page will have its own URL, or Web address, that you can give to customers, suppliers, friends and others.
Infoseek/WBS Home Pages Basic Builder made easier! Make a Home page today with Basic Builder and see difference. We redesigned the editor with a step by step interface, templates, more color schemes, new backgrounds, and easy image upload. Seven Megs of Webspace!
Kostenlose Private Home Pages - Germany Free private homepage for individual and not for profit organizations. Up to 1 meg of space.
Free Looney Tunes Web Page ACMEcity offers official photos and artwork of your favorite celebrities, TV shows, feature films, cartoons and music sensations! Up to 20 MB Free Web Space
The Main Quad Web Creator Start building your FREE Web site NOW. No knowledge of HTML needed! •Save your pages for free! •Edit your pages from any wired computer! Lots of funky backgrounds! Includes up to 150 KB of Web Space.
MarketNet Free Web Pages (United Kingdom) Yes - you can have a page on MarketNet WWWeb servers and you will not charge you a penny for it. Up to 1 meg.
Mygale Homepage - France Up to 5meg of free space is provided for personal and non profit organizations.
NEBS Business Homepage If you've been looking for an easy way to launch your own Business Website - NEBS has it-and it’s FREE! In fifteen minutes or less, you can have your own Website up and running.
PersonalConnections Get your own free homepage, a free web-based email and an online business card and a personal memo.
PoliceNet's Free Web Site Service PoliceNet will be glad to host a web site for any qualified public safety agency. Up to 20 meg.
ProHosting Free Web Hosting Receive 10 megs of disk space, an email account, FTP account and custom CGI/SSI.
Free Sites From Spaceports Get All The Web Space You Need. All users automatically get 1 MB of space and more if requested.
Free Homepage at the Spree Site Allowed 2 megs of space per page. Spree offers unlimited space for your creative needs! Plus they offer great features like an Easy Upload utility, Guest Book, Counter and Directory Manager.
TreeWay! You get eight free pages and everything you need to build a professional quality website.
Tripod's Homepage Builder Tripod provides up to 11 mb of space, and they have ways for creating homepages that are both for the novice and the expert, you can use their counter, FTP your files or fill out the form, they have forms and even an animation tool you can use! They also provide a free reminder service.
Top 10 Rules for Homepage Design Improve your promising page with few simple enhancements.
USA Online Free homepages for personal or business without images. Up to 100 k
UserWorld Community You are provided with state of the art tutorials and references that are both fun and rewarding. Plus 2 Megabytes of Free hard drive space.
WebChat Broadcasting System Free personal homepage and chat. 150K of server space and free counter.
WebJump For Businesses WebJump will host your entire site on our ultra high performance servers for FREE! You'll get 25 MB of disk space with no limits on bandwidth and no setup fees. We simply place a banner ad on your web pages - that's it!
The Free Webpage Provider Review The Homepage ratings review is based on the quality of services - specificly, disk quota of 500 KB or more, methods of file access, and customer support.
WebSpawner The Basic service is Free and they have an advanced service for $5 month.
World Records Ltd. Free Homepages for musicians and music sites.
Worldwide Virtual Community of the Disabled Free webpages for disabled individuals.
XOOM Sign up for 11 megs Free Space for Personal or Business and get your own nameplate. Update your page anytime.
ZyWeb Lite 2 of web space, Free page creation and editing, 10 designs to choose from.

Sam's Picks
Free Web Space
Acme City Warner Bros. “AcmeCity” site offers you 20MB of free space for your homepage and access to the Warner Brothers vaults for photos to make your site. There is a choice of using our own Homebuilder or uploading your own files and graphics using the File Manager or FTP service. Subdirectory support is also available making it really easy to manage files. FortuneCity FortuneCity provides you with 20 MB of web space plus a free e-mail address. Along with this they also provide an easy to use "Home Builder" to create your pages and a file manager or ftp for uploading your own pages. Subdirectory supports has also been added to help make organizing your pages even easier.
AngelFire AngelFire provides 2 meg of space and offers several ways to allow you to create you homepage including a basic page editor, an advanced page editor, and uploading of files via ftp. Although you are not given much space to work with you are allowed to use several graphics provided by AngelFire that are not part of your provided space. All pages display an advertising banner to help support the service.
Cyber City Cyber City is set to be the premiere provider of free homepages on the Internet if they can overcome system trouble they have been having lately. They provide 5mb of space to work with, plus tons of extras like Telnet options, SSI support, CGI-BIN, CGI-WIN, CGI-DOS, JAVA, ActiveX, ISAPI and Mailing Lists.
Europe@home Europe@home provides 2mb of space (max. of 500 hits daily) for your homepage provided you live in Europe. Users can create there page using the online construction kit or create pages using there own software and upload them via ftp.
FAMILY POINT Your Family's Meeting Place in Cyberspace Great free services that the whole family can use. Worldwide! Set up your own space on Family Point and share photos easily, keep everyone up to date with the Calendar, never lose an address again - keep them all in the master address book. Plus Chat, e-mail and more and it's all FREE, Easy and waiting for you at Family Point
FCI (Freedomstarr Communications Inc.) FCI gives you a free, ready made web page which you then submit to search engines, tell your friends about, and get people to visit in other ways to promote great rates on long distance (9.9 cents a min), Unlimited Internet Access, Nationwide ($15 a month), plus many other great deals. You then make commissions on what the people your signed up spend on the various offers. A great program with a promising future!
Friendsworld Create your free Friendsworld page via an online form to help you meet new friends over the Internet.
Geocities Geocities is probably the biggest and best known provider of free homepages on the Internet today. They have had there ups and downs as far as system stability have improved greatly over the past few months. They provide you with 11mb of space to work with to create your page online or using your favorite software and uploading via ftp. Geocities also provides a free e-mail address to go with your page.
Personal Connections 3 free homepages -- created with Personal Connection's homepage making utility. Plus free e-mail and more.
Phrantic Homepages for the Homepageless. At last check, currently not providing pages until completion of hardware upgrades.
Tripod Friendly step-by-step setup scheme like AngelFire, but you can jump right into raw HTML if you like and upload your files via ftp. 11mb of space is provided for you to work with.
If you have comments or suggestions, email me at

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