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Our Family Genealogy

Family Surnames
These are a small portion of the many surnames 
that can be found in our tree.

Abu-Obeid Allen Anderson Ashley
Bacon Bailey Baker Bascom
Byrd Casler Chapman Cothrell
Crotteau Douglass Farmer Ferrier
Fink Fite Freeman Fuller
Glover Hines Howard Howell
Hunt Hutchinson Ingersoll
Joiner Kessler Majors Mercer
Merrifield Nason Olds Plaisted
Price Puckett Rancour Rhody
Spencer Sprague Stevens Turner
Van Slyke Walker Webster Wehmeyer
Wilson Wood


Hope to have gedcoms, full list of 
surnames, indexes, and lists of individuals 
in this area some day.


Ingersoll Side

Family history, From John of Westfield down to myself and more

Wood Side

Family History, Gedcom, Stone Wall
Fite LineMordecai Mitchell Douglas, WoodLine
Hutchinson & Wilson Side
 Descedents Of Henry B. Wilson, Descendants Of Jesse Hutchinson, Descendants Of Fred Wehmeyer

Notable Family Members

Jared Ingersoll (Signer Of The US Constitution) Ernest Ingersoll  (Naturalist) Robert H. Ingersoll (Watchmaker)
Thomas  Ingersoll (Founder: City of Ingersoll, Ontario, Canada) Laura Ingersoll Secord
(Canadian Heroine)
Ralph Isaacs Ingersoll  (Statesman)
Noah Webster (Websters Dictionary) John Webster (Fifth Governor of the State of Connecticut) Royal Ingersolls (US Military)
Franklin Delano Roosevelt  (32nd US President) Elizabeth II     (Queen of England) Admiral George Dewey

Links To Others Who Are
Research Some Of Our Surnames

Ingersoll Side

Janelle WARDEN ,

Melissa WARD?

Rev Dr Darrell and Sallyann JOINER

The INGERSOLL Family of Grand Manan?,

Links To Helpful
Genealogy Sites

Cindi Howell's List, Family Tree Maker
Truly Searchable Genealogy Sites

Search Tools &Aids Search for Family, Gendex, BigdEDcom, Gentree, Ancestry Plus
S. S. Death Index, RootsWeb,                  The Farber Gravestone Collection

Other Sites of Interest

The Wainwright Inn, once owned by Ingersolls, Van Slyke Family Bible,

James Ingersoll ,

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